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Credit amount in CHF
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- months
Effective annual interest rate
% - % instead of % - %
dependent on creditworthiness
% - % instead of %* - %
for homeowners in Switzerland,
dependent on creditworthiness
* the most favorable interest rate (%) is excluded from the discount.
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  • You are at least 20 years old.
  • You are a permanent resident in Switzerland.
  • You have Swiss citizenship, a C permanent residence permit, or a B, L, or G residence permit.
  • If you own your own home, you benefit from lower interest rates: You have been the sole owner or co-owner of a property in Switzerland for at least six months (entry in the land register).
Other benefits
  • Interest deductible from taxable income.
  • We don't charge any opening fees or commission.
Repayment method
Repayment in equal monthly installments.
Credit amount paid out via account transfer after 14-day statutory waiting period.


BANK-now's personal loan

Our personal loan has fixed terms, fixed monthly installments, and the unique, free of charge security package that protects you in the event of death and allows you to defer the installment twice during the contract term. In addition, the security package includes a free repayment option up to 10 days after payment – beyond the statutory waiting period. You can apply for your personal loan easily and conveniently online.

Your benefits thanks to the security package

Payment deferral*

Defer your monthly installment payments twice at no extra cost and even for two consecutive months. Contract term and repayment are extended without additional interest costs, which is ideal if money is unexpectedly needed elsewhere. Simply let us know by phone if and when you would like to defer your installment payment.


* Online promotions (million credit) do not include deferred payment*.

Repayment option

According to Swiss consumer credit law, you have a 14-day right of cancelation. Only then is a loan paid out. The CREDIT-now security package extends this protection by another ten days, during which you can repay your loan without any costs or fees.

Credit protection insurance

Would you like more protection?

Then take advantage of the security package with CREDIT-now:

Cover in the event of death is already included free of charge. In addition, the interest and installment repayment can be insured against involuntary unemployment and incapacity to work (subject to a charge).

Simply state that you want this extended cover when you apply.

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